Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Fair

I am lucky enough to be living one block from Alki Beach in Seattle.
This weekend, there was an art fair along the boardwalk.
The weather was beautiful (finally!).
So, I ventured out to see what I would find.

What a beautiful setting for an art fair!

I was so excited to see Jennifer Ament at the fair!
I've been coveting her prints in a local store for months.
And here she was!

Jennifer is a local printmaker and painter.
I really love her linocuts.
They are stark, yet delicate.

You should also check out her blog, Art & Lair.
It's beautiful, eclectic and inspiring.

This is the print I purchased.
I love it!
You can see more of Jennifer's work at

Next, I was on a mission to find Jim Gerlitz.
I had seen a painting of his in Alki Arts, a local gallery.
But when I went back a few weeks later,
his work was no longer showing.
But!...the gallery owner told me he would
be at the fair and was kind enough to call and ask him to
hold the painting I had inquired about.

Jim had my painting waiting for me (the girl walking on the beach)!
There is something about it that I just love.
It makes me happy.
And isn't that the point of art?

You can see more of Jim's work at

A big thank you to all the artists out there
who are doing what they love!

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