Friday, August 5, 2011


I have always loved topiaries.
There is something slightly magical about them.
I saw this one - along with the urn - at 
the Barn House annual marketplace
and decided to take it home with me.
Then I got to wondering about where topiaries originated.
So, here are some pictures and a quickie history lesson!


The art of topiary gets its name from "topiarius," 
which is a Latin word for ornamental landscape gardener.

The Romans are usually credited with starting topiaries 
over 2,000 years ago.
However, some historians believe the Egyptians 
actually introduced the art to the Romans. 

Monks maintained this ancient art in their monasteries 
during the Dark Ages.
Topiaries were revived in society during the Renaissance and peaked
in popularity in the 17th century.

Following WW II, many large estates were broken up
and interest in the art declined.

I feel like I see them a lot these days, 
so maybe they're back in fashion.

Either way, I will always love them. 

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