Friday, November 11, 2011

I love my...

...Hunter Wellies!

I was inspired by Janet's recent posts at The Gardener's Cottage 
to spread some love for not consuming 
"new" items (be sure to check out her thrift store
outfits for less than $10. Sounds impossible, 
yet the results are super chic!)

So, I thought I'd "shop my own closet" and share with

you a favorite item that I wear all time 
(save for a couple months in the summer)... my Hunter
Wellies boots. I throw them on to go to the dog park,
walk the dog, grocery shop on the weekend - basically anything.
Somehow they manage to make the simplest outfit 
look a little more hip and interesting.

I wish I had a picture of me in them in an outfit.
But this is the next best thing...
seeing them in their messy, muddy,
just-took-them-off-on-the-porch perfection.


  1. oh i love them too. and i'd love to see you in them. but on the porch muddy is pretty cool too.

    i wear old rubber stall mucking boots and i love them too. of course from the thrift store. i think $4.

    btw, my payless oxfords came yesterday and i'm so disappointed in them. they actually look plastic. and not in a good plastic way. they are the perfect size heel and they are pretty soft and comfy inside but the stitching is pretty bad. they may last one season. my husband says they don't look bad from a distance. i don't know what to do? maybe keep them and use them as an experiment.

  2. Oh darn! I'm sorry to hear that your payless oxfords are such a disappointment. Why not return them? Or maybe it's not worth the shipping. Shoot. I've definitely had a few misses when it comes to buying vegan. But I've had some hits too so I keep trying.


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