Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kitten heel

These perfect little faux-leather
 kitten heels will
make your outfits purr.


  1. these are super cute!

    what is your stance on buying new vegan vs old/recycled leather? i used to struggle with this issue quite a bit. i even contacted peta for their stance but they never answered me. i guess in the end it gets down to financial reasons for me. it is so much cheaper and also good for the earth to buy used goods so that's what i have been doing. if i do have to buy new i will buy vegan. so what do you think?

  2. That is a tough one. I totally understand buying second-hand leather. It does make sense both financially and for the earth. Personally, I am doing my best not to wear any leather right now - because I just feel better when I don't. That said, I don't want to encourage people to consume more than they need (that's not chic, right ladies?!) - rather just to remind everyone that they have stylish options that are not leather when they do decide to buy new.

    ps - I'm sorry to hear PETA never responded to you. I'd be interested in their answer too.


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