Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ok - I just splurged and bought a Vitamix blender 
and it changed my life.
Every morning I whip up the best breakfast ever -
a super healthy veggie and fruit smoothie.
Below is a sample recipe, but really you could use 
whatever you have in your refrigerator.
I'm a total convert!

For this smoothie I used kale, banana, apple, banana and berries
with a little splash of carrot/orange juice and some ice.

Into the blender everything goes!

This blender is so powerful, even the apple
is liquified in minutes!

For bonus points I threw in some protein, 
brewer's yeast  (great source of amino acids and minerals)
and chia seeds (a great source of omega 3's for vegans)

Et voila!  Delicious!

And the top just pops off the base
so it's easy to store any extra for 
an afternoon snack.

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