Monday, December 5, 2011

The back yard - part I

As many of you know, I found a dog in 
 El Salvador a little over a year ago 
- or rather, I think, she found me.
Her name is Zandia, an unintentional misspelling of 
"sandia", which means "watermelon" in Spanish.
She is my lovebug.
She was 8 weeks old when I found her.
Now she's 1 year and 7 months.

Now that we're both back in my house,
I needed to rethink my back yard to make it
more dog-friendly.
In addition to a small patio,
it had a lot of tiered planting beds
(and no grass), which meant
a lot of muddy little footprints in the house.

Plus, Zandia is a digger.
More muddy footprints.

So I decided to eliminate most of the planting beds,
add some grass, and level out the terracing
while I was at it so that the space
would be more useable - enough room
for a lounge chair maybe.
Oh, and the fence needed to be rebuilt.

The project is underway.

I'm definitely having a moment of "what have I done?!"

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