Monday, December 19, 2011

A little change of pace

I have been blogging now for almost six months!
I started my blog shortly after I made the decision to go vegan.
Once I became aware of the true horrors we inflict
on animals to satisfy the short term fix of a food craving or
fashion statement, I felt compelled to personally do 
something to spread the word that being vegan
is healthy, chic, environmentally responsible
...and of course kind.
My passion for this remains stronger than ever!
But my posting daily has started to feel like 
a little too much at the moment.
So, in the spirit of being kind to myself, 
I'm going to cut back a bit.  
We'll see how it goes.
Just wanted to let you know 
that I'm changing pace just a little.
And thank you for reading along as 
I continue this journey!
Remember, it's chic to be kind!

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