Saturday, January 14, 2012

The back yard - continued

I took advantage of a couple rare days of semi-sunny days in 
Seattle to work on the landscaping for my back yard project.

A new coral bark maple - I love that shot of color!

It's hard to see the little tufts of irish moss I started planting.
I need lots more, along with more ground cover to make a little
carpet to keep Zandia's paws out of the mud. But it's a start!
The view from the back door (not the best light to see in).

This is sweet box.  It has little white flowers that are fragrant in 
January and February.  They smell divine!  I snipped a little
sprig for the living room and I can smell it throughout the house.

I replanted my peonies and some leftover geraniums in
the bed by the garage. So, there's not a lot to see right now.
If they all survive it will be beautiful this summer!
I'd like to add an oak leaf hydrangea this spring as well.
I hung my bird feeder and set the top of an old bird
bath on the ledge.  The base of the bath
broke off but I don't think the birds will mind.

I like to put little island "perches" in the bath so 
they can lounge more comfortably.

I plan to try planting kale and chard and eventually tomatoes in this bed.

The view looking back at the back door.
I love the one little flower bursting out in
the unusual January sun!

A little geranium blossom couldn't resist either.
Reminders that spring will come again!

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