Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter EggNots

Dying eggs is a tradition many of us grew up with at Easter.
 I remember loving it as a kid. It was a fun way to 
let some creative energy fly!

The problem today as that most eggs come from hens living in
unnatural (best) or inhumane (worst) conditions. Because of
poor regulations even those eggs marked "cage free", "natural",
and "organic" are most likely not eggs from healthy, happy hens.

Who wants to celebrate Easter by perpetuating cruelty to animals?
Ew. Not me. And I'm guessing not you either.
So - here's a great alternative - EggNots - a dyeable ceramic egg!
What an amazing idea!

They look and feel just like a real egg, but they are
non-perishable and vegan/eco-friendly.
Ready to dye any color your creative little heart desires.

Easter bunny approved!

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