Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bill Maher - Free the Animals

You can always count on Bill Maher to tell it like it is. So, no surprise that he is spreading the good word about PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk's new release of her book Free the Animals.  Check out the article here.

The book tells the real-life story of the people who pull off daring rescues of laboratory test animals and the whistleblowers inside who help them.Yes, these folks are usually members of PETA, which often is perceived as a radical organization - probably because they usually take radical action. I used to think they were extreme troublemakers too. But now I think they are on the right track. Because it's the video footage from these rescues that brings issues to light and causes the (rightful) public outrage.

Picture this - Britches, a baby macaque monkey who had his eyes stitched closed and some kind of electrical box put on his head. Or the mice who are forced to swim to thepoint of exhaustion or drowning. Or the other monkeys kept in steel cages so small they repeatedly banged their heads against the wall.

Kind of a PR nightmare for the tormenters, no? That's how it works. Shining a light on this activity forces corporations to find better ways of testing. And by "better" I mean cheaper, more effective and more applicable to humans. I know, it doesn't make sense that they even bother with the animal testing. But apparently old habits, no matter how cruel and unnecessary, can be hard to break.

Thanks Bill, for spreading the word. And thanks to PETA for doing the things that the rest of us are afraid to.

Here's another picture of a Macaque monkey in a better situation who befriended a kitten and is caring for it like a baby. Apparently even monkeys know how to behave when we humans fall short.

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