Friday, May 25, 2012

Choose love

The other day I found myself waiting for a table at a bar with a friend.  Eventually we spotted some people who were just paying their bill and leaving so we swooped in and sat down at the table before the waiter had a chance to clean it off.  There was a plate of chicken wings with four wings left.

Four little wings.

I've made the choice to be vegan so obviously I'm not a fan of eating meat. However, it saddens me in a different way when I see little body parts so casually left behind.  It troubles me deeply that any animal has to go through suffering and fear to satisfy a temporary craving, but it feels even worse when that animal endures this fate only to be thrown in the garbage.

This holiday weekend, I encourage everyone to eat consciously. Choose food that aligns with your values and then eat it with love and peace in your heart.

Here's a photo of what chicken wings really are for!

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