Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nude heels

I think I'm over winter.
Is it possible to have spring fever in January?
Well, whatever the reason, I've found myself
 looking for a pair of nude heels.
You can wear them with just about anything
so maybe they make sense in winter too?

I thought I'd share some of my 
favorite options from my search so far.
Vegan, of course!
It's hard to tell the exact shade 
of nude that will look best. 
Some are more tan, more yellow, lighter...
Right now I'm thinking the first option,
the rsvp Velma. Normally I don't
go for an ankle strap, but 
I think it works on these shoes.

Michael Antonio LoveMe Heels

Michael Antonio Nude Heels

Gabriella Rocha Dancy

Luichiny Love Struck

1 comment:

  1. If you could only have one pair of shoes in your closet, I'd recommend that it was a pair of black pumps. If I was allowed to suggest a second pair, it would be a pair of pumps in a light neutral color, like beige or tan. These two shades would work with nearly anything in your closet, and of course, basic pumps are classics that will work with everything from jeans to suits. Christian Louboutin


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