Thursday, January 26, 2012

Planting the seeds

I decided I'm going to try to grow some kale and swiss chard
in one of my new little backyard garden beds. 
This isn't the best time of year to plant outside in Seattle, 
so I'm going to start seedlings indoors and then transplant them.  
Here's a little photo-journal of the first few weeks...
My seed packs arrived!

The beds are ready!

Swiss chard seeds

Kale seeds - teeny tiny!

The best window for the seedlings is near the bar.
Why not?

My sentiments exactly!  "YES!" Grow, little seeds, grow!

About one week later. Sprouts!!!

Look how much they grew in just 2 days!
These are the kale sprouts.

And 5 days later. WOW!
Very satisfying.

Those are the chard sprouts on the right.

Still growing strong!  
Now I have to figure out the 
best time to transplant them outdoors.
Seems a little early still.
Stay tuned!

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