Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've been enjoying a much slower pace of life here in India.  
By contrast, I am reminded how much I normally rush through
my life back in Seattle.
I'm sure you all can relate.
Packed days where your brain is constantly
running through all the things that
still need to be done and checking off "to do" lists
while constantly keeping 
one eye on the time.

Something surprising that has been helping me 
be present in the moment is the simple custom of
removing your shoes before going into any indoor room - 
the dining area, your room, shared bathrooms 
and of course, yoga studios.

It's easier to remember to do when you have to step over
a cluster of others' flip flops to go into a shared space,
but I found it harder to remember when it was
just me going into my room.
My mind was always ahead of me.
What's next?

Slowly I'm getting better.
And it's become a sweet little practice 
in mindfulness. 

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