Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calling all animal lovers!

(photos courtesy of Farm Sanctuary)

Let's help end the largest and most 
pervasive form of animal abuse
remaining in America - factory farming.

It's not fun to think about, 
but it's important to understand that factory farms 
dominate food production in our country today. 
These horrific mega factories 
employ systematically abusive practices 
that maximize agribusiness profits 
at the expense of
not to mention 
the environment
our communities, 
and even our health

It's frustrating. But here's an easy way to 
help do something to stop it.

urges the administration to support policy and legislation 
protecting animals, 
the earth, 
and citizens
from factory farming’s harmful effects. 

They need 25,000 signatures by July 5, 2012.  
They are half-way there.
Your signature matters!
Please sign today!


  1. Love your blog! Super cute name for it! And most importantly, such an awesome message! My family and I recently went vegan and it's so nice to come across like minded people! I'm having a bit of a difficult time with everyone thinking we're crazy! I have a blog dedicated to my scrapbooking hobby and I have been on the fence about talking too much about being vegan because I don't want to upset any of my readers but it's so important to try to get the info out there. Your blogs definitely encouraged me to take the leap! :)

    1. Oh - you are so not crazy, Audra! You are compassionate and kind. And I'm so glad I could inspire you on your journey. I think sharing your truth with people in a gentle way that inspires without judging can never be wrong. What is the name of your blog? My sister scrapbooks - she might be interested!
      Check out The Gardener's Cottage blog too. She is vegan, but it isn't the central theme of her blog- just a message that makes its way in from time to time. Hope this helps. Keep in touch!


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