Wednesday, March 7, 2012

April 1st Workshop with Tara Sophia Mohr

On Sunday, April 1st I will be hosting two workshops being led by Tara Sophia Mohr, a life coach, poet, and regular blogger for The Huffington Post.  I've been reading Tara's blog, Wise Living, for many months now and have come to deeply appreciate her fierce yet gentle wisdom.  I am so honored to have this opportunity!

In Tara's words, the workshops "will be intimate small-group workshops for only ten women. This is a day of self-care for the soul, amongst kindred spirits, a beautiful environment, healthy food, and the ideas that I love to live, and love to teach." 

You can attend both or just one, and either way stay for lunch in between. To register, click here and go to the bottom of the page to make your selection.  

If you're in the Seattle area I hope to see you there!



10am-1pm, Seattle home of Laura Henderson (location details will be sent to you with your registration).
If you….
…want to write, but aren’t writing
…or if you already write, but with more struggle, self-doubt, procrastination, clunkiness and ickiness than you’d like
….or you write with joy, but get stuck (or scared, or unsure what to do) when it comes to sharing your writing with the world or getting it published
then this the gathering for you.
If you are called to writing, for personal healing, creative expression or professional reasons, join me for this special gathering. I will share the framework that most helped me recover my writing life after a ten-year hiatus from writing, and that today most helps me keep creating, day in and day out. This is also the framework that allows me to be a good advocate for my work with editors, agents, the biz folks. Yes, it’s an amazing framework and I’m really excited to share it.
This will be a particularly valuable workshop for women who 1) want to recover or loosen up their writing practice or 2) are struggling to combine the creative/art side of writing with the biz side of sharing their writing in the world.
The workshop will run from 10-1pm. From 1-2pm, stay for lunch and conversation! 


2pm-5pm, Seattle home of Laura Henderson (location details will be sent to you with your registration)
If you know you want to play bigger in sharing your voice in the world, this afternoon is for you. You’ll learn:
…how to quiet the voice of self-doubt so that you can take greater risks and leaps in your work and life
…how to access your own natural wisdom – whenever you need it
…how to ensure that fear of failure, criticism, or “not being good enough” don’t get in your way
During this afternoon workshop, we will come together as women who want to play bigger for the sake of serving the world in a big way. You’ll get clear on what is standing in the way of your own playing big, and learn a variety of tools that you can put into practice right away to help you play bigger.
The women I’ve worked with have used these tools to launch new ventures and businesses, increase their earning power, reclaim their passions and creative pursuits, and find more contentment and fulfillment in their everyday lives.
The workshop includes a package of take home materials that will allow you to continue practicing the concepts in your daily life.
The workshop will begin at 2pm. Come early at 1:15 pm and join us for lunch! 

Click here to register! 

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